Women Think and Shop Like Women. 

It is a fact every retailer and marketer knows this from first hand experience.

Ask any man or woman.  They know. 

Hello, my name is Cynthia Holcomb.  I am a Female  Ai Pioneer with a Vision to change forever how technologies are designed to WORK for females, designed by females!  

My expertise resides in the Technology Gap between female intelligence, computer science and the digital world. 

Females shop and make the decision to purchase products based upon human emotion driven by individual sensory-preferences.  Female cognition is influenced by emotion based upon life experiences, reasoning, memory, perception all coming together to create the overwhelming desire to purchase a specific product. 

Under the umbrella of Ai is the new discipline of Female Brain Ai.   


Female Brain Ai is like Female Intelligence in a Box.  

As Founder of four companies and based upon my retail and apparel career, working for top retailers including Nordstrom, I have developed patent pending Female Ai technologies, all leveraging Ai to solve for Female Intelligence.   As Design Director to Nordstrom I led the transition of Nordstrom private label products into Nordstrom private brands. In the process I became keenly aware of the need to integrate female thinking into Ai enabled personalization and shopping solutions. 

Female Ai consulting services offers technical expertise and deep industry knowledge necessary to evaluate and solve your most complex of female intelligence business use cases.   I am proud to bring Female Ai to the marketplace.


Let's talk by phone and say hello.     

Give your Female customers the ultimate Customer Experience!

Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.



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